Fluid Film Undercoating

When you invest in a new vehicle, you shouldn’t have to worry about exposure to the elements damaging it. Investing in Fluid Film undercoating products from Fast By Design Detailing Inc. means you won’t have to. Our corrosion-inhibiting products help form an active barrier on your vehicle, protecting its undercoating and exposed metals from the destructive force of the elements.

We’ve perfected our application techniques and use proven products which combine unrefined wool wax with selective polar agents and corrosion inhibitors. Fluid Film is a non-toxic, solvent-free product that helps you get the most out of your vehicle and keeps it safe for an extended period. We’re happy to address your questions about our product and its application process during a friendly consultation.

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Explore the Benefits of Fluid Film Undercoating

Robust Rust Protection

Whether you drive a long commute to work or have invested in a car you want for the long run, our Fluid Film protection products are perfect for keeping your vehicle safe. Our lanolin-based formula helps stop rust from spreading and has exceptional lubricating properties, penetrating to prevent squeaking and providing lasting protection to your vehicle’s undercoating. Our products last up to eight years and are an excellent way to invest in your future as a driver.

Fluid Film is the answer when you want to minimize the deterioration of your vehicle’s metal and chrome. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our product will be applied safely and thoroughly, leaving no surface exposed.

Some of the many advantages of our Fluid Film products include the following:

  • Minimizes damage from rain, snow, and salt.
  • Protects vehicle under-body from debris.
  • Minimizes rust and corrosion.
  • Safe to use on all metals.
  • Stops pitting in chrome.
  • Doesn’t harm vehicle paint.
  • Offers a high flash point.
  • Long-lasting up to 8 years.
  • …and more!

Long-Lasting Lanolin-Based Undercoating

We apply Fluid Film to your vehicle’s undercarriage to help maintain its value and appearance. Fluid Film is self-healing, non-drying, and nearly impossible to crack. It’s soft and pliable enough to protect your vehicle over the long term. When you invest in it and hire our technicians to apply it to your car, you’re choosing to invest in the longevity of your vehicle.

Fluid Film provides a lasting protection barrier against the corrosive effects of salt, calcium, sodium chloride, pesticides, and other harmful materials found on roads. Our state-of-the-art technology and hard-working technicians help guarantee the quality of our services and optimize your vehicle’s longevity.

Fast By Design Detailing Inc. Fluid Film Undercoating services

Book Your Vehicle in for Fluid Film Rust Proofing From Fast By Design Detailing Inc.

When you’re looking for a way to invest in your vehicle's long-term value and safety, Fast By Design Detailing Inc.’s Fluid Film undercoating products are an excellent option. When our team applies our product to your personal or commercial vehicle, you can rest assured that it’ll be protected and lubricated for the long term. We take pride in delivering top-quality service and improving the lives of our clients, and we’re confident our product will surpass your expectations.

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