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“Big or small, we strive for perfection and nothing less. We go above and beyond for our clients and aim to Be The Best!”

Bjorn Nelissen – Fast By Design Detailing Inc., Owner & Founder

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Keys to Protecting Your Investment

Here in Moncton, we understand the problems that bad weather can create because airborne contaminants include corrosive particles carried by rain and snow. Also damaging are sand, gravel and deicing agents that soak into the road asphalt and get flushed to the surface by rain.

Ready for the best ceramic coatings and films in the world?

At Fast by Design Detailing Inc, we specialize in paint corrections, Ceramic Pro coatings, and paint protection films.

We also offer a wide range of exterior and interior detailing packages to choose from that are separate from our Ceramic Pro Coating packages. These interior and exterior detailing packages bring your vehicle back to life inside and out. Providing your vehicle with care and attention to detail, we pride ourselves in every task here at Fast by Design Detailing. We treat everyone’s vehicle the way that we would want our own vehicles treated, we’re all car guys and girls here.

Who are we? Or About us

"In business since 2010, Bjorn Nelissen founded Fast by Design Detailing Inc. The first and only certified and licenced Ceramic Pro paint protection and auto detailing center in the Moncton and far surroundings. We're specializing in Ceramic Pro paint protection installs. Ceramic Pro offers a wide variety of high end products to protect the paint, glass, leather, vinyl, and textile of your vehicle. All our product and services come with a unique up to lifetime warranty, backed up by Ceramic Pro and registered with CARFAX. Our staff is not only highly trained, and certified for paint corrections, they speak your vehicles language. Our company is a member of the IDA."

We recommend that drivers in Moncton keep these tips in mind

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- Leeann Way

Absolutely best detailing I’ve gotten on my truck or for any vehicle I have ever owned. Everyone thought we bought a new truck it looks so good. Absolutely amazing work, friendly and very professional. Love the ceramic pro. Thank you Bjorn and Robert. I will be a life long customer.

- Gar Mel

- Jole

Keep your vehicle in the garage whenever possible to avoid exposure to pollutants.

Even if you wash your car yourself with a bio-friendly soap, just hosing off the wheels and body dislodges contaminants that end up in rivers, streams and lakes.

You need to wash your car promptly after it rains because the pollution delivered in the drops of water can chemically damage the paint and clear coat layer.

Fast By Design Detailing Inc. - Keys to protecting your investment
Fast By Design Detailing Inc. - Keys to protecting your investment
Fast By Design Detailing Inc. - Keys to protecting your investment